The Company

Located in Tuscany - covering over 1500 sq.m. - It's Italian roots - many years of experience and expertise - is how perfection is tailored.
When one is to buy a boat or a yacht - it is not only about how good its interior and exterior design is but most importantly what equipment and machinery it has to keep it running at its best.
That is why when we first started this company - we thought it is best to offer our customers "top of the range". Having the right pumps, fans and water pressure systems helps us ensure our customers are not going to get into strife when they are cruising around diverse parts of the world.
When we tell our customers about our products and how reliable they are - it takes a while for them to really understand what they are about to buy - why they should buy a self priming, bronze pump rather than a domestic pump. Here at TF marine, we thought it would be ideal to give you a quick summary on our range when you are going through our catalogue. If we do not have what you are looking for on our line - we can do it. TF marine offers you to customize your pump or wps. It is important for us to know what "the best product is for you".
Our wide range consists of El/Pumps boat range from 12m to 70m, Water Pressure Systems, El/ Fans, Water Heaters, Dampers, Control Panels and Accessories.
TF USES BRONZE IMPELLERS - anti rust and are specifically for the MARINE ENVIRONMENT - if your impeller is damaged - less performance is given.
We are able to offer technical support before and after your purchase - providing technical drawings of our items to simplify installation.
To be able to give you 100% we ask our clients to always provide us with "THE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS".
This enables us to give you a more rapid and efficient answer.
All our Items are CE certified and Classification Society is available on request.
Thank you for choosing TF MARINE